Company: Unilever
Rsp: £1.99
Competition: Goodfella's, Chicago Town
The sell: In its first venture outside the meat snack market, Unilever predicted the microwaveable Peperami Pizza range would rack up £30m in sales in its first three years. 

The consumer
The pizza I tasted had a nice thin crust and sweet tomato sauce, with a decent amount of cheese. Unfortunately, the microwave disc didn't make it crispy enough for me, and it fared much better in the oven. I can't say the slices were my favourite meat topping and I was also perplexed by the 7-inch size. While slightly bigger than a 'mini' pizza twin-pack, it alone was too small to satisfy my hunger. Three stars (out of five)
Jon Olson, internal information & communications co-ordinator, London

The retailer
I loved the concept of a microwave-friendly pizza. This offering was quick, convenient and the pizza was a good size. The flavour was also good, but I thought that the BBQ Peperami pizza could do with a more of a BBQ flavour. The base was not as crispy as the message on the packaging promised, either. However, it was overall a good product and when promoted at £1, as the mults tend to do, it becomes a very attractive offer. Three stars
Priya Pattni, fresh trading manager, Spar UK 

The Grocer
The crust could have been crispier, but the pizza took just three minutes to microwave, tasted pretty good and, better still, contained only 370 calories. At just £1.99, it'd definitely be an attractive alternative to a lunchtime sarnie for women perhaps more so than men. The size and speedy cooking time also make it perfect for kids as my brother, who tried the Original out on his two, will testify. Four stars
Liz Hamson, deputy editor