Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Jane Horrocks the TV actress who sprung to fame as the loud, irritating one in Absolutely Fabulous and showed off her range by playing a number of loud, irritating characters in various mirthless Victoria Wood sketches has been having a pop at Tesco this week.

There's nothing unusual about that in itself but Horrocks picked up pay cheques from the UK's largest supermarket for a decade via her role as the loud, irritating daughter of Prunella Scales in a series of 'well loved' ads.

In an interview with Radio Times, she thanked Tesco for providing some of her best work (no argument there) and, less convincingly, for giving her "licence to avoid crap" thanks to its generous rewards. However, you wouldn't catch her shopping there in a million years. Oh no.

"There's always a set type of people doing their shopping according to the time or the day, whether it's pensioners holding everyone up or screeching kids," Horrocks warned. "Or sometimes you can have rather a lot of chavs in and that gets a bit scary."

You'd think the star of Little Voice might have a better idea of when to keep her mouth shut.