Food from Britain will be a sad loss Clive Beddall West Sussex Sir; The news that Food from Britain will disband its UK operations next year when its funding runs out is indeed a major body blow to small exporters ('Food from Britain to discuss if FDF can pick up any pieces', The Grocer, 15 March, p4). I would go further - its demise will be a sad day for the entire food chain. Having reported in the columns of this magazine on the efforts of the organisation for most of its illustrious life, I know of hundreds of executives and companies who have cause to be grateful to FFB for the skilful and professional way that it has projected the benefits of the UK food and drink sector on the world stage. Once upon a time, the efforts of British food exporters at trade fairs like SIAL and Anuga, for example, were embarrassingly overshadowed by the marketing might of Sopexa of France and CMA of Germany, to name but two international bodies. But thanks to a succession of enthusiastic teams at FFB, our exporting campaigns in the 21st century stand comparison with any on the increasingly competitive global scene. I hope that the Food and Drink Federation and FFB's nine international offices will find the resources to continue to carry the flag. Otherwise, Defra's move to phase out government funding for FFB will go down as one of the most unfortunate decisions in the history of UK Grocery plc, and one that, I suspect, it will live to regret.