I have recently returned from a very enlightening trip to Barcelona Degusta. What really opened my eyes was not the good quality food on show, but the space dedicated to celebrating EU Protected Food Names (EUPFNs). It is this level of awareness and pride in EUPFN products that we need to achieve in the UK, not least because products belonging to the scheme can attract a higher price premium. In a very British, reserved fashion, it seems we want to hide our food heritage and traditional recipes under a bushel. Despite recent high-profile cases in the media, to most people the status is just a series of confusing acronyms - PDO, PGI and TSG - that have no real meaning. However, this could not be farther from the truth and retailers should start recognising this to ensure British produce is celebrated, and ultimately bought, as much as our European neighbours' food and drink. There has in recent months been a slight shift in retailers' attitudes to the scheme and I am delighted Sainsbury's and Tesco have made the decision to start using the PDO logo on bags of Jersey Royal Potatoes - in part, thanks to Food from Britain's efforts to overcome packaging problems. And Waitrose has for some time embraced the scheme, but its enthusiasm for EUPFNs to date has only really extended to cheeses. There is still a long way to go until we are on a par with the rest of Europe. From a purely commercial level, if consumers start recognising the EUPFN icons for what they are - indications of quality produce with a strong heritage and traceability - they will be willing to pay a price premium on them. Surely this is something that retailers should all be working towards?