Alan Coxon, food archaeologist and creator of the Historic Food range, reports exclusively for from this year's SIAL trade show

Day 1 - Sunday
Although it was an early start at 6.30am, my team and I left for day one at SIAL full of enthusiasm. This was to be the day I launched my new range of pickles and chutneys to the world market, so I was brimming with excitement and nerves! SIAL is one of those shows where you get to meet such a wonderfully diverse range of people, that it was one not to be missed.

We had a busy day, with lots of people interested in the products, including the new range. Many people were interested in my Historic Vinaigre range, which I was delighted about.

After a long and busy day, we headed back to the hotel for a well deserved glass of wine... and a lovely sleep to get ready for day two.

Day 2 - Monday
What a wonderful day. Another very busy day. There were a huge number of global buyers, distributors and retailers all coming around, and interested in my ranges. The feedback has been wonderful today! I leave the show on a real high.

After talking all day, we headed off to the Food from Britain awards, excited! Unfortunately, the products didn’t win, losing out to a smoothie... but, never mind.

Day 3 - Tuesday
A very international day indeed. Today we had some fantastic responses from people from around the globe; Japan, Italy and Greece as well as a UK supermarket were all wowed by the product and went away very happy (and left me rather happy too).

So, after another successful day, we put on our “bests” and headed off to the British Embassy. There we met a host of interesting people and talked the evening away about food and some very exciting opportunities.

Day 4 - Wednesday
A much quieter day today, but nonetheless a productive and interesting one. I had the chance to speak to some fascinating people all of whom were interested in the history behind my products and how I became known as the Food Archaeologist. There was also some interest from a buyer in Germany too.

A very interesting day. But, I am looking forward to the last day now and getting back to the UK to follow up on all the leads. Au revoir for now.