The jurors presented their verdict and key conclusions to FSA chief executive Dr Jon Bell during a live internet broadcast on the FSA website, watched live by over 1,000 people, and viewed as video-on-demand by many others since. The Greenpeace website was linked to the FSA site for the Citizens' Jury live broadcast. 

Following that broadcast, every single juror agreed the wording for the press release, which summarised their verdict and their key conclusions, including concerns about GM crops and the environment. 

Additionally, the same conclusions' Ayliffe accuses the agency of concealing were set out in FSA board papers.
These papers were published on the FSA website and discussed by the board in a public meeting last week, also broadcast live on the FSA website. 

The FSA has no problem whatsoever in acknowledging consumer concerns about the possible environmental impact of GM. In fact, the board agreed precisely that at its public meeting last week. 

But it is increasingly difficult to see how a Punch and Judy exchange on bogus allegations adds anything to a genuine and engaging public debate.