Sir, It was disappointing to read about the financial difficulties of Loseley's ice cream business, and think about the impact these difficulties may have on the local economy in Cwmbran ('Rivals set to pounce as Loseley loses funding', The Grocer, 9 April, p8). The article referred to the likely interest in Loseley's brands from potential buyers and one of the brands cited was Yorkshire Dales.

I feel we should highlight that Loseley is manufacturing Yorkshire Dales ice cream in South Wales. While I'm sure there is a lot of value in the Loseley business, I and many shoppers would argue that its use of a Yorkshire Dales brand is not part of that value. There is another ice cream business that trades under the name Yorkshire Dales: Gary and Mandy Rogers make fantastic ice cream in the Yorkshire Dales, at a farm, using milk from neighbouring farms in the National Park. Surely this should be the only Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream.

Robin Norton, principal director, Grasp Business Development