A new company has identified soup as an easy way of getting nutritious food into children and is launching a range of products specifically targeting them.

Available from this month, My Little Soup is the first brand from Luscious Foods, founded in February by mums Rachel Allen and Marnie Millard. The chilled soups are organic, contain only fresh ingredients and target children aged between four and 11.

Millard said these were the UK's first chilled organic soups for children, adding that, although the market for chilled soup had experienced strong growth over the past decade, products still only targeted adults.

"Chilled soups are very nutritious and parents are struggling to get their children to eat healthy foods. There are many successful chilled brands, but these are all oriented to adults and contain adult flavours and ingredients."

The soups, which are available in three variants - Tomato, Slightly Spicy Bean & Vegetable and Carrot & Cheddar - are smooth, blended to appeal to young palates. "Children don't like bits in their food or drinks," said Millard.

They have so far gained listings with The Cooperative Group and Millard said it was likely the company would have another major multiple on board by the start of the new year. New variants are also in the pipeline.