Organix is doubling the size of its babyfood portfolio and taking on Hipp by making its first venture into glass jars.

It is rolling out a total of 31 new products at the end of the month, including a 16-strong jar range with breakfast, lunch, dinner and pudding options for babies and toddlers.

In line with the company's 'No Junk Promise', the new products contain no additives, added sugar or salt and are "as close to home-cooked as possible", according to Organix MD Anna Rosier. Prices range from 65p for a 120g rice pudding to £1.15 for a 250g pasta & pea pesto jar.

The range would breathe new life into the glass jar category and offer consumers greater variety on shelf, said Rosier.

The total market for babyfood in jars is valued at £80m, up 3% year-on-year [IRI], but this was "slow growth" compared with the 12% sales rise generated by the total baby and toddler category, she said. "Organic options in jars are currently limited to just one brand the sector is ripe for rejuvenation," she added.

At the same time, Organix is extending its existing portfolio with 14 new products, comprising savoury pots, cereal packs and fruit pots, to "offer greater variety". One of the launches is a Baby Infant Cereal Taster Pack, which it claims is a market first. The packs (rsp: £1.99) include three servings of different cereals to allow mum and baby to taste check before buying a full size.

The NPD will be supported by a £1m marketing campaign, including press and sampling, kicking off in April. Further range extensions are planned forlater this year.