Another staycation summer is on the cards for many Brits, so Co-op has opted to let its customers’ tastebuds do the travelling, with bitesize picnic treats inspired by destinations as far afield as the Mediterranean and South America.

Here’s our pick of the range:

Bitesize Pizza Rolls

Bitesize Pizza Rolls, 160g


Co-op has combined two of the nation’s favourites, sausage rolls and pizzas, to create the new Bitesize Pizza Rolls. Packing the flavour of a margherita pizza into a sausage roll-like bite, the cheese, herb, and tomato filling is wrapped in puff pastry and can be eaten hot or cold, ideal to grab-and-go.

GRO Tomato and Basil Cocktail Sausages

GRO Tomato and Basil Cocktail Sausages, 14s:140g


Now those looking to avoid meat while hanging onto the nostalgia of party favourite cocktail sausages can opt for these herby plant protein sausages with tomato, basil and a twist of black pepper. They add to the vegan sausages and sausage rolls already available in the GRO range.

Serrano Ham and Ricotta Rolls

Serrano Ham and Ricotta Rolls, 80g


Italian ricotta cheese and black olives wrapped in serrano ham coated in a Spanish-inspired chimichurri dressing, featuring green pepper, olive oil, sherry vinegar, shallot, tomato, garlic, parsley, basil, tarragon, oregano, and chilli. 

Irresistible Summer Garden Salad with Fior Di Latte

Fior de Latte v2 Fork Only


Co-op is steering well clear of bland salads with this mozzarella and tenderstem broccoli offer with a roasted red pepper dressing, orange baby plum tomatoes and a pea and radish garnish.

Vegan Coleslaw

GRO Vegan Coleslaw, 250g


White, pink and red cabbage, carrot, butternut squash and red onion in a mayonnaise-style dressing.

Beetroot & Feta Layered Rainbow Salad,  Indian Chicken Layered Rainbow Salad,Moroccan Chicken Layered Rainbow Salad Group

Beetroot & Feta Layered Rainbow Salad


The colourful salads just keep coming. The red in this rainbow of greens on the left comes courtesy of a feta salad with a beetroot and balsamic purée, mixed cabbage, carrot and beetroot and a grain mix.

Indian Chicken Layered Rainbow Salad


In the centre, a yellow/orange cauliflower crush with green lentils and spelt grain mix, plus a vegetable mix of courgette, spinach and pink cabbage topped with chargrilled tikka chicken thigh.

Moroccan Chicken Layered Rainbow Salad


Making up the trio is a Moroccan spiced chicken salad with a mix of white cabbage, courgette, baby spinach and butternut squash. It also contains a grain mix with quinoa, chickpeas and dried fruit, with a chargrilled carrot dip for texture.

GRO Incredible Burger Bites with a Tangy Burger Sauce Dip

GRO Incredible Burger Bites with M'C Sauce, 68g


A chip off the Incredible burger block, Co-op’s vegan bites are made with soya protein and come with a “tangy”, and equally vegan, burger sauce dip.

20 Piece Snack Pack

20 Piece Snack Pack, 236g


This is something of a classic platter for those looking to recreate a picnic of old. Its 20 piece picnic platter of cocktail sausages, mini scotch egg bites, cheese and bacon straws, and sausage rolls might be a little beige, but it’s finger food at its finest.

Chicken Empanadas

Chicken Empanadas, 6s:150g


The empanada is a staple of Southern European, Latin American, and Filipino cuisine. Now the palm-sized pastry bites filled with spicy paprika chicken and peppers are heading to the UK to become part of picnic culture.

Chinese Salt and Pepper Chips

Chinese Salt and Pepper Fries, 100g


Limited Edition crunchy potato snacks with a Chinese-style salt and pepper seasoning.

Irresistible Burger Slaw

Irresistible Burger Slaw, 250g


Not to be confused with everyday coleslaw, this slaw is made for burgers with finely sliced ”crunchy” veg in a burger sauce dressing with gherkins and dill.


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