Own label painkillers remain grocery’s most lucrative over-the-counter medicine, according to IMS Consumer Health.
And, for the second year running, painkiller Nurofen and cold remedy Lemsip Cold+Flu have retained second and third slots by value, year-end figures to September 03 report.
IMS, which uses EPOS data from the top four multiples, says OTC medicines are currently worth £405.1m to grocers.
However, market value has remained static over the 12 months to September, up only 0.7%. Own label painkillers are worth £26.3m, Nurofen £18m and Lemsip Cold+Flu £11.1m.
IMS attributes poor growth to sales slumps in all but two of the grocery top 10 - the Nicorette smoking cessation brand, up 36.9% to £6.4m and the Gaviscon indigestion remedy, up 11.9% to £7.5m.
Both the antacid indigestion and smoking cessation markets are thriving in grocery. Niquitin CQ, GSK’s smoking cessation brand, rose in value 89%.
In pharmacy, OTC medicines grew 1.3% by value, to £641.8m.