Nichols has scrapped its 35-year old Panda Pops range blaming mums’ negative perceptions of fizzy drinks.

The four-strong Panda Pops range was discontinued last month, revealed Nichols, which said it would now focus on the healthier still juice drinks and flavoured waters in the wider Panda portfolio.

“Despite Panda Pops having healthier ingredients than many rivals, Panda recognised mums’ concerns and the impact of a fizzy drink in the portfolio on brand perception,” said brand manager James Nichols. “By removing Panda Pops, the wider Panda range can confidently promote the healthier credentials of its still juice drinks and flavoured waters, which contain no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.”

Total Panda sales were up 13% to £2.8m last year [Nielsen] boosted by a relaunch in October 2009 to create a “cooler image”.