Procter & Gamble is launching a combined powder and liquid stain-removing booster tablet under its Ariel brand.

The new Ariel Stain Remover 3D Boosters were designed to be put directly into the machine alongside the consumers’ usual detergent and, according to P&G, were a first for the laundry market by offering powder alongside a liquid stain remover in one tab.

Consumers were looking for ways to make their weekly washes easier without compromising on results, said P&G head of trade communications Paul Lettice, who added that the tablets would work in a 30-degree wash.

Ariel Stain Remover 3D comes in two varieties, stain removal and whitening, and is available in packs of 14 (rsp: £4.75) and 28 (rsp: £8.99) under the strapline ‘Double the stain removal power of every wash’. The gradual roll-out across the major multiples will take place over the next three weeks.

The launch will be backed by a “significant” marketing campaign including TV, digital and in-store activity.