Was: Director of corporate and legal affairs at Asda
Now: Director general of the British Chambers of Commerce
Years in grocery: 27

Career background: Longworth originally trained as a scientist, but actually chalked up a considerable stint in the grocery sector, working at The Co-operative Group for eight years, Tesco for 14 years and Asda for five.

What’s he doing now? When Longworth left Asda in 2008 following a worldwide shake-up of Walmart’s legal structure, he said he was going to “have some fun”, and he’s certainly been busy. As well as being founder and part owner of a science-based business, he’s a non-executive director for The Co-operative Group and Nichols. He has also been a panel member of the Competition Commission since 2009.

How’s he finding the British Chambers of Commerce? “It is fun, a privilege, and very diverse,” he says. “Britain has great businesses, enterprise, energy and talent. I challenge government to recognise this and put business first.”

Will he come back to grocery? “Retailing and food are in my blood, but then so are business and science and politics, so who knows?”

Can you help? Former Bacofoil marketing manager Casper Gorniok is eager to get back in touch with Mario Martinez and John Langton. “Mario was my general manager at Baco Consumer Products and in 2004, John was head of sales at Rubicon. He also worked for GlaxoSmithKline,” says Gorniok. “I’ve searched everywhere for them.” If you can help out Casper, let us know!