What's your nickname? I'm not sure I have one, but maybe my team would disagree. 

Who was your first teenage crush and why? Patsy Kensit - did you not see her?! 

What was the first music single you bought? The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid? An astronaut. Some would say I am still spaced out. 

What's your favourite book? The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, because it is so like real life. 

What's your favourite movie? Con-Air. It is good honest fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. 

What was your worst holiday? Mexico after finishing my A-levels - I was robbed by the police at gunpoint. 

What has been your most embarrassing moment? I had just passed my driving test and got behind the wheel when I spotted the police nearby. Thinking I was being really good at driving I pulled up to the traffic lights only for one of them to come over and ask me to turn my lights on. Doh! 

Do you have any phobias? Answering alternative CV questionnaires. 

If you could pick a celebrity to join your staff who would it be and why? Jeremy Clarkson, because he is brutally honest and funny with it. 

Who would you most like to sit next to on a plane? Cameron Diaz, please. 

What would you request as your final meal? Chicken phall - if you are going you might as well do it in style ... 

What's your favourite junk food? My own cooking. 

What's the weirdest thing you've eaten? Teeth, while in China recently. 

What luxury would you have on your desert island? A fully loaded MP3 player - I just love my music.
What's your biggest regret? Not continuing to play rugby professionally when I had the chance. 

If you could star in a television programme, what would it be and why? They Think It's All Over - it is just so much fun and anything goes. 

If you could be invisible for the day, what would you do? Just chill out.