Former Britvic CEO Paul Moody has been named the new CEO of  Food Freshness Technology.

Moody worked at Britvic for 17 years and was at the helm for seven, before stepping down in February this year. He takes up his new role on 21 October.

“From international soft drinks to high-technology produce preservation may not have been the move that many of my friends and colleagues in the industry would have anticipated for me,” he told The Grocer.

“Having worked in the broad grocery industry for many years, I believe that I have an insider’s understanding of the huge opportunities and challenges that the supermarkets face nowadays.

“Shoppers’ wants and needs are ever more complex,” he added.

“Meeting those needs is a tough ask, made more difficult by the incredibly tough commercial trading conditions retailers face. Delivering high-quality fresh produce while also reducing the impact of waste is just one of those commercial challenges.”