What is your greatest challenge and how do you deal with it?

Availability is our greatest challenge but we also strive for great customer service. We have a company process in place that we follow for availability and we ensure we keep to the discipline. You also have to understand your environment and local market around you so you know if you're going to have any extra competition.

Is there anything exciting on the cards for 2007? We are having a major refit this year, which is particularly exciting, but we want to ensure we still deliver fantastic availability while going through what will be quite a disruptive time. We need to make it an easy shop for our customers as the refurbishment is going to bring a ­significant amount of change.

We already have a new pharmacy but the refit is going to also give us a wider range of non-food, as well as changing the fixtures and fittings in our George clothing section to low-level fittings for better ambience. We are also putting all our refrigerated goods into one location. The store is quite old so at present the refrigerators are in two parts, which we want to change so they are all in one place.

We are also extending the depth of the shelves in the grocery sections to improve the level of availability.

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside work I am a family woman. I have two children aged 22 and 14 so one isn't a child and the other one doesn't think they're a child.

I enjoy shopping as well as a bit of bowling and ice skating, which I do with my daughter.

What is the best thing about being a general manager?

There's lots of great things about this job, but having the ability to influence a large number of the things that go on here is great. It's also fantastic to work with so many people. We have about 550 colleagues at this store, then you have the management tier. It's good to link in with the local community in lots of different ways.