Do you attribute this week's award to any particular programme or drive?

I must say I am delighted and proud of my team and I'd like to thank them. This is a testament to the hard work and consistency they have put in. I think the team is very conscious that this is the most southwesterly 'core' Morrisons store, purpose-built three years ago, and they feel the need to fly the Morrisons flag with pride.

Is it surprising to see Morrisons win this award yet again?

This is the fifth time Morrisons as a company has won this award in the past six weeks. I think that reflects the momentum we are gaining as a company in terms of customer service, internal productivity, financial results and so on. Things are really coming together for us.

How long have you been the manager at this store?

Just 15 months. This is my second ­Morrisons store. I was the manager of the Basingstoke, Hampshire, store when it was bought from Safeway and converted it before moving here.

What elements of this store are local to the area?

We don't have any locally sourced product ranges here. However, we are right on the edge of the Filton Airfield where the Concorde airliner was built, so all our photography and decorations here follow that theme.

What programmes or changes are coming up next at this store?

We are building a pharmacy in the store, which will be open by early December. We are always looking for new opportunities and think it will do well here. We are also pushing hard to expand our selection of The Best own label lines. We already have about 1,000 in this store and are expanding.

Have you met your new CEO, Marc Bolland, yet?

No, not yet. He said he would be visiting stores to familiarise himself with the company, but I doubt that he will visit all the stores. Still, we welcome him and look forward to the chance of meeting him.