The fuse has been lit. In November, The Grocer will publish a list of the industry’s Top New Talent (TNT), highlighting and celebrating the achievements of the industry’s rising stars - and we need your help to identify them.

The Grocer is inviting nominations for Top New Talent across every job function -including store managers, pricing wonks, marketing and PR gurus, buyers, sales execs, as well as entrepreneurs and general managers - from grocery retailers, wholesalers, fmcg suppliers, as well as technology and support services.

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If you know of an outstanding young candidate - below the age of 35 - that you believe fits the bill, please let us know.

Nominations from colleagues or associates can be completed via the dedicated form below.

Candidates are also free to nominate themselves, provided they supply testimonials.

“This list will identify the dynamite talent within the fmcg sector,” said Adam Leyland, editor of The Grocer.

“With a talent timebomb ticking in many parts of the industry - as we identified earlier this year - this list will play a key role, we hope, in attracting new talent to the sector in the years to come, showcasing the exciting talent that’s emerging, and their amazing achievements, to hammer home the opportunities and the excitement that the world of fmcg affords.”

The Top New Talent list will be revealed at an evening reception in November, to be attended by the individuals selected, as well as senior industry executives.

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Closing date for entries is 14 October.