Seeing raw talent in the flesh is always exciting, but when it matures and develops, it’s even better. Our first-ever Top New Talent list, chosen from among the hundreds of nominations we received, features some extraordinarily talented people - all under the age of 35 - who are shaping and altering this huge industry’s future in front of our very eyes.

“The Top New Talent list doesn’t just showcase some hugely talented people it shows the astonishing diversity of roles that make this industry such an attractive career option”

Adam Leyland, Editor

Why did we do it? For many reasons, but one stands out. As the FDF highlighted in The Grocer in July, food and drink might be booming, but a talent timebomb is ticking in many parts of the supply chain. The FDF predicts the fmcg companies will have to recruit 170,000 new people by 2020. And as the industry’s must-read magazine, we wanted to play an active role in making that happen by showing off exactly why fmcg should be considered as a career destination by the next crop of bright young things.

From the 17-year-old c-store retailer who is already on his second shop (and is simultaneously studying for three degrees) to a 34-year-old whose CV reads like a fmcg greatest hits, with an array of company founders who have gone from the kitchen table to the shop shelf in-between, if the Club of 2013 is anything to go by, the future is in good hands.

But the list doesn’t just showcase some hugely talented people. It shows the astonishing diversity of roles that are available. Razor-sharp buyers, super-sellers, inspired entrepreneurs, store managers with heart and passion and drive, brilliant techies, and strategic marketers hundreds of nominations came in from the industry before being pored over at length to distil the numbers down. It was hard work. Some tough decisions were made. But the end result not only makes me feel old it makes me feel proud and excited. Their talent shone through. And they reflect brilliantly on the industry.

Earlier this week our Top New Talent joined The Grocer and a host of industry VIPs to enjoy a drink, network, and savour the moment, as well as being presented with a commemorative plaque to recognise their achievements. It was a magical and uplifting night. And for all the people who tried to crowbar a TNT nomination in after the deadline had passed and were left disappointed, please try again next year.

See the full Top New Talent list.

Watch the video of the Top New Talent event.

The Grocer's Top New Talent list 2013