Job title: Commercial director
Company: Higgidy
Sales (£) £8.2M
HQ location: Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
Number of employees: 134

Why is it a good employer? We hope Higgidy is a good employer because we care about creating a fun, stimulating environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, develop and be rewarded.

What's the best thing about working there? We're an independent, fast-moving and relatively small business. This means that everyone can feel a part of the journey and help to shape where we're going.

Does the company offer any unusual benefits? We've created a profit share scheme whereby one-sixth of our profits are shared among the whole team (from dishwasher to production manager) according to performance. It helps motivate people when they are reminded that we all share the benefits together.

How does the company differ from its rivals? We'd like to think there is a genuine family feel to the company. Every Wednesday the office team all have lunch together (and we take it in turns to create a special dessert). Every year we take a day off and the whole team and their families head to the country for the 'Higgidy picnic' where we have pie 'n' spoon races and play volleyball. All of this helps to maintain a transparent and welcoming environment where people are respected at all levels.   

In there a definable company culture? Everybody at Higgidy is proud of the good food that we are making and the rate at which we've grown. There is a real sense of ownership across the business, which is a big part of the culture.

What's the training like? What qualifications can I earn? Between last year and the coming year we will have put almost 40% of our team through NVQs in management, team-leading or food manufacture. It's quite a time commitment for a business but it's been worth it, seeing how people at all levels have engaged with the training.

What's your proudest achievement over the past 12 months? A year ago we were running out of elbow room in our big kitchen and all getting a bit cramped. Twelve months later, and without any outside investment, we've managed to acquire another building, double our capacity and create a colourful facility that we're proud to work in.

What is the most important or challenging HR issue? Just three years ago we were barely 40 people on the team now we are more than 130. The challenge with such rapid growth is to make sure that we retain our friendliness and family feel across the business. We're just learning that it takes a little more effort in a bigger business.

Are you looking for any people right now? We are currently recruiting for an operations manager. It's the most senior role we have hired and it's been a very interesting process. We're really impressed by the calibre of people who have been attracted to it.