After training with Union Hand Roasted and Climpson and Sons, Victor Frankowsksi set up creative coffee company DunneFrankowski and The Sunday Club, a coffee gastronomy training course

Name: Victor Frankowski
Age: 27

How long have you been involved in the coffee industry?
Nine years. I’ve worked in cafés as a barista, I’m a barista trainer and I’m a coffee consultant. Coffee was one of those things that I started doing and I just carried on with it.

How do you describe what you do to other people?
We’re coffee creatives. We see coffee as the gelling agent of society. You can be sat in a coffee shop next to a politician or an artist and coffee puts you on the same plane as them.

We want to put coffee into the mainstream as part of the whole gastronomy cycle and look at the association of different lifestyles and brands to coffee.