Lever Fabergé is bringing out Persil Black Velvet, a liquid detergent for dark clothes, to fill one of the few gaps left in the UK laundry market. The new liquid, which is a main wash biological detergent, will be on shelves next week. It has previously been launched in Germany in February 2000, where, according to Lever Fabergé, it captured 2% of the washing market in six months. Several copycat products followed but arch rival Procter & Gamble has only just launched its response, Dreft Dark, in Belgium. Lever Fabergé said Persil Black Velvet was the result of consumer demand for a specialist black-wash liquid. Around 45% of clothes worn in the UK are black and they can fade when washed regularly in ordinary powders and liquids. Brand manager Ounal Bailey said Persil Black Velvet worked because it contained no bleach, stopped dye being transferred between clothes, and prevented bobbling which makes dark clothes look dull. "It won't make black clothes last forever but it will offer an extra level of protection," she added. There's £2m of support behind the UK launch, with teaser ads in national press kicking off this week, followed by ads in women's magazines and on radio, and a sampling campaign. Rsp: £2.99 for 750ml. {{MARKETING - P&P }}