Containing an added ingredient ­ a smoothing softener to make ironing easier ­ the tablets brought another added value product to the laundry detergent fixture and went head to head with Procter & Gamble's Bold 2 in 1. A £5m support launchpad included TV and magazine ads, direct marketing and instore promotions. Sales According to Information Resources, value sales of the tablets reached £6.4m across grocers and drugstores in the year ending June 16, 2002, while the fabric washing solutions market totalled £802m. The company says "Persil Easy Iron has established loyalty amongst its core users, achieving a cumulative penetration of 5.3% with a quarter of all triallists purchasing again. "Since July 2001, Persil's market share has increased by 4.1% to 29.4% and the Easy Iron name has certainly contributed towards the increase. "Lever Fabergé supported the brand with a TV ad campaign in February this year and a year-long direct mail campaign to millions of UK households. "We feel that while there is high demand for a great cleaning product which offers time-saving benefits, Persil Easy Iron will have continuous shelf space with retailers." {{P&P }}