PLJ, a stalwart brand of the cordial aisle, is poised for a revival to tap into consumer demand for healthier beverages.

In recent years, lemon juice cordial PLJ has kept a low profile but the 86-year-old drink was well-known as a bitingly sharp slimming aid in its 1970s heyday when it was owned by Beechams. It was also used in cooking.

Brand owner Healthy Food Brands acquired it last September and is now re-introducing the lime

flavour and giving the brand a makeover, with emphasis on its low-calorie content.

The aim is to raise PLJ's profile and boost its appeal to younger people, according to Adrian Whitefoord, co-founder of branding consultancy Pemberton and Whitefoord, which has created the new look.

"It has been a sleeping giant with a loyal but aging consumer base," he said. "The new designs present a crisp, contemporary feel for a brand.

"We have allowed the fruit to be the hero of the design and have followed this through with the copy on-pack, which includes information such as 'no added sugar' and '8 calories per serving' - shown boldly with fruit-shaped icons."

PLJ is 99.8% fruit juice and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Michael Beard, director of Healthy Food Brands, said company research had revealed the potential for the lime variant.

"With more awareness of health and diet matters, a drink such as PLJ with its low-calorie content will appeal to those watching their weight - just as it does to anyone who wants a refreshing start to the day," he added.

PLJ already has listings in multiple retailers. The revamped brand will be on shelf from next month in supermarkets and key health stores.