Costa has reported a boost in footfall as a result of the Pokémon Go craze.

The coffee chain said customer numbers had increased by 30% since the launch of the augmented reality app in the UK last week, which encourages users to catch virtual Pokémon and has a growing active user base of 21 million in the US, where it launched first.

On the day of UK release alone, Costa stores in St Martin’s Quarter and Worcester reported a 10% sales uplift.

The company is now capitalising on the trend by encouraging players to share sightings of Pokémon in Costa through Facebook and Twitter. It is also working to integrate the game into its online store locator, to allow customers to see which Costas are also a Pokémon hot spot.

“Our stores are proving to be the perfect place for Pokémon across the country to hang out,” said Costa UK marketing director Caroline Harris.

“With our free Wi-Fi and irresistible coffee, we’re looking forward to seeing more Pokémon finders and Pokémon characters come through our doors over the summer.”