Pomegranates are set to be the next big thing in wine, according to two producers who are launching pomegranate wines into the UK.

Armenian-sourced Anari and Israel-based Rimon Wines are hoping the health benefits associated with pomegranates will help the new drinks establish themselves in the UK market.

"The growth in pomegranate consumption over the past few years has been phenomenal, as people have come to realise its health benefits," said James Brett of Granat Wines, which is importing Anari. "This is a drink for sociable drinking occasions and appeals to a range of consumers ."

Rival Rimon Wines produces a range of pomegranate wines: a dessert wine, a dry still wine and a port-style wine. Each is made from Israeli-grown pomegranates, using traditional techniques, fermenting the juice at low temperatures and then aging the wines in French oak.

Rimon's UK importer, Umasbia, is also keen to promote the health benefits of pomegranates. "The pomegranate combines wonderful flavours with unique benefits for human heath," said director Michael Dalal.

Under The Portman Group's Code of Practice, companies are not allowed to claim an alcoholic product has any health benefits. A spokesman said he couldn't comment on new products without having seen them but that under new rules it could contact companies it felt were in breach of the code and offer unsolicited advice.