Sir; Does The Grocer have any idea if our industry really does want to cooperate with the government in bringing the cost of food down to the consumer? Let me explain. We think we produce the best popcorn in the UK today. I have been in the industry well over 30 years and probably have the most knowledge of anyone in this country about hybrid maize, popcorn and quality. So when I say we are producing as good if not better than anyone else, take it from me we are. However, the cost of popcorn is far too high in this country. Our company is dedicated not only to high quality but bringing down the price of popcorn to the consumer. So why do our leading grocery outlets not cooperate? An example. The brand leader comes in a 100g bag retailing for 65p. Our product is an 125g bag selling for 59p. Not only that, but we are offering our customers a bigger margin so they do not suffer any form of profit loss. But when we go to a major company, put this offer in front of them and are told "that would mean we would take 6p a packet less through out tills", it makes me wonder whether or not the government's message has actually got across. The CTN side of the trade seems to have a different view. Indeed, the largest contract I have ever received for popcorn has come from T&S Group which intends to offer two 100g bags for 49p. I suppose nobody at a senior level in the larger companies gets to know about such offers because you can never get to see them as they are well protected by young buyers in open plan offices. Ken Lewis Sales & marketing director Cornpoppers {{LETTERS }}