Unilever Bestfoods is courting controversy for its Pot Noodle snacking brand yet again with daring £1.3m campaign.
In a new 50-second TV ad, which airs from Monday (September 13), an office worker called Ben is introduced to Judy ‘the office bike’ on his first day in the job.
Judy tempts shy Ben by seductively stirring a Pot Noodle and the pair get caught by their colleagues in a dishevelled state. The ad ends with the line ‘Pot Noodle, the bicycle of all snacks’.
The ad will be supported by four 10-second teaser executions, which feature close-ups of Ben and Judy with either a ‘he’s shy, she’s dirty, it’s rude’ voiceover or risqué sound effects. In addition, three radio
ads will feature the straplines ‘the filthy Frauline of all snacks’, ‘the lonely housewife of all snacks’ and ‘the curious cheerleader of all snacks’. Each features couples seductively reading the how-to-make instructions from the side of the pot, building from ‘peel off lid‘ to a passionate cry of ‘stir again, stir again!’
In 2002 two poster ads for Pot Noodle’s ‘Slag’ campaign received more than 400 complaints and the Advertising Standards Authority banned one. It was also reprimanded by the Independent Television Commission. The controversy even prompted a response from the outgoing Unilever chairman Niall FitzGerald. He said there was a “very fine line between the slag of all snacks and being regarded by opinion formers as irresponsible corporate slags”.
Unilever said it had consulted with the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre and will air the 10-second ad after 7.30pm and the longer 50-second commercial after 11pm. Alistair Burgess, category planning manager, said: “Pot Noodle represents a rebellious, irreverent attitude towards life. This campaign plays up to that.”
Kellogg has signed up William Shatner for an enterprising new mission.
The former Star Trek legend, who played Captain Kirk, will be the face of Kellogg’s £3m All-Bran ‘Feel great in a fortnight’ challenge, which will encourage consumers to eat a bowl a day of All-Bran over a two-week period. Shatner will appear in a new TV ad, which will beam onto TV screens from Monday (September 13) for four weeks.
Sean McAllister