Shoppers snap up more bargains at Poundland than at its pound shop rivals, research by Him! has revealed.

The survey, which quizzed 1,250 shoppers, found the average basket spend at Poundland (£4.97) was higher than at 99p Stores (£4.09) and Poundworld (£3.80).

The results also suggested Poundland’s strategy of a revolving variety of stock drove curious shoppers into its stores - increasing the potential for impulse buys. One fifth of Poundland customers said they went to the store just to browse, while just 3% of shoppers visited Wilkinson for the same reason.

Him! also earmarked dry grocery as an emerging category for pound shops, noting a 1% increase of Poundland shoppers buying pasta, rice or sauce compared with 2010.

But Poundland didn’t have it all its own way. Poundworld is emerging as the pound shop of choice for health and beauty, with 28% of shoppers going there for shampoo and toothpaste, compared with 19% at Poundland. And 17% of customers at 99p Stores bought bakery products compared with 10% of Poundland shoppers.