HMV is on its knees. Zavvi, Woolworths and Borders are long gone. But as high street CD and DVD sales nosedive, Poundland shoppers are turning to the single-price discounter to snap up old favourites at a ­fraction of their rrp.

Poundland estimated it had sold four million DVDs in the past 12 months a tenth of the DVD sales of Woolworths and the figure "would keep going up" said Peter Stoneman, a former Woolworths ­account manager.

Poundland also sells ­pre-owned but fully refurbished CDs under its 'Replay' brand, enabling it to sell CDs by artists ­including Britney Spears, Girls Aloud and Westlife.

Even Shakespeare is ­benefiting. An astonishing 12,000 King Lear and Macbeth DVDs have flown off the shelves in recent weeks. An identical King Lear DVD costs £9.19 on "I am delighted more people are being ­exposed to the genius of Shakespeare," boomed Brian Blessed, who stars in the King Lear DVD.

Poundland's success was boosted by Entertainment Zones. Introduced 12 months ago, almost a third of the stores now feature these dedicated areas, which group together DVDs, CDs and books.

"The Entertainment Zones have been a great success for us," said Poundland chief executive Jim McCarthy. Sales of products in the Entertainment Zones, which also include mobile phone, computers and camera accessories, are up 16% year-on-year.

The popularity of its Shakespeare DVDs was an indication of Poundland's increased popularity among the AB demographic, he added.