Absinthe, the notororious spirit nicknamed 'the green fairy', is becoming more popular and a new premium absinthe hopes to capitalise on this.

Apsinthion Grand De Luxe is the latest hand-made product from Toorank Distilleries in Poland (68% abv) and is distributed in the UK by Harvey Miller Wines and Spirit Agency.

It is made using Artemisis Absinthium (wormwood), coriander and a peppermint herb distillate. This follows on the heels of the company's De Luxe variety, which won the gold medal and best in class at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2005.

De Luxe is available in Sainsbury's and off licences, and sold 50,000 bottles last year. Pritesh Mody, director at Outin Drinks consultancy, said it had seen a steady increase in sales since its launch in 2005. "There are more entrants in the market now the bar industry has realised it isn't illegal."

Absinthe was banned in many European countries early last century. It was never banned in the UK, but consumers believed it was. Now, with a lower percentage of wormwood, it is being trialled in bars and at home. "The flavours of absinthe are complex but the drink is smooth," said Mody.

He added: "It's still a niche product but we hope it will appeal to people who like high-end premium liqueur spirits such as Cognac."

The limited edition Apsinthion Grand De Luxe comes in a green-frosted bottle and is said to have no bitter taste.