One of the most expensive vodkas in the world is being launched in the UK, at about £600 for a 24-carat gold-coated bottle.
The Russian producers of Imperial Collection vodka say they hope the range, which includes a carafe in the flamboyant style of a Fabergé egg, will become the next must-have item for the super-rich.
The range is being marketed as a ‘super-premium’ vodka by its UK distributor, World of Wine,
although it also includes more modestly priced bottles for between £13 and £17.
Produced by SDS in Russia, where it is a well-known brand, the 40% abv vodka was presented at the reception for the inauguration of Vladimir Putin as president of the Russian Federation.
World of Wine said the product would profit from a growing consumer move away from mass brands towards premium spirits, and would be aimed at high-end off-trade outlets and society events.
The range will be sold in sizes up to a one-litre bottle.