The price of our fruit and veg rose for the second consecutive month in the latest survey. It is now 12% more expensive than five weeks ago, and 21.5% more than 10 weeks ago. But these swings are mostly seasonal. The basket is now 3% more expensive than at this time last year thanks to a rise in the cost of new potatoes and onions, but is 0.9% cheaper than two years ago. The largest change was again in white seedless grapes, with a seasonal 99p rise since 30 April as supplies switched from India to Mexico, but they are now at the same price as last year. The next largest change was a 12p increase in the price of loose apples. This is the first price rise for a year, and they are still 17.6% cheaper than at this time last year. New potatoes rose 18p since the last basket, to their highest price since the survey began in January 2005. This reflects the shortage of quality supplies, and they are now 18.6% more expensive than at this time last year. Onions had their fourth consecutive increase, also reaching their highest level since the survey began. They have gained 6p since the last survey, 12p since February, and are now 60% more expensive than at this time last year. Pears and green beans both rose in price but are at similar levels to a year ago. Strawberries fell 13p since the last survey, and are at roughly the same level as at this time last year. Cherry tomatoes fell 2p since the last survey and are now at their lowest level since February 2006.