Yet again Asda is the cheapest retailer, according to data from The Grocer 33 pricing survey.

It provided the cheapest basket this week at £41.33 with some price cuts on basket items.

Lettuce was 10p cheaper than the previous week and 60p was slashed off the price of a 4-pack of Stella Artois. The ongoing low price for 2-packs of Kleenex for Men also helped Asda achieve the title of cheapest retailer.

Morrisons beat Tesco to the second-cheapest position - moving up from third-cheapest last week.This week it had a £42.12 basket and was only 79p more expensive than Asda. Its most noticable price cut was 70p off the cost of a 4-pack of Stella Artois. It also made some subtle price cuts on other items in our basket, including 9p off the price of own-label quiche lorraine, while the price of an iceberg lettuce dropped by 10p.

Tesco fell from second to third-cheapest retailer this week with a £43.25 basket. The price of most items in our basket remained static, apart from a 5p drop in the price of an iceberg lettuce.

Sainsbury's stayed in fourth-cheapest position for the third week in a row, with a basket costing £43.58. It cut 8p off the price of its own-label quiche lorraine and took 10p off a kg of loose closed cup mushrooms. But it added 6p to the price of a kg of onions.

Somerfield came in as fifth-cheapest retailer again this week with a £49.52 basket. It added 30p to the price of a 6-pack of Mini Babybel cheeses but slashed 6p off the price of a loaf of Hovis Square Cut white bread.

Waitrose was the most expensive retailer for the third week in a row with a basket cost of £53.03. The only price variation from the previous week was a 4p rise in the price of a kg of loose onions.

Despite individual price cuts, the cost of a 4-pint of semi-skimmed milk went up by 4p across the board, as cost pressures fed through to the retail shelf.

Farmers have been calling for the rise since last Spring - arguing that higher fuel and feed costs have pushed up costs.