Despite offering several of the lowest-priced products on the list, Asda is only the third cheapest retailer this week after Tesco and Morrisons lowered key prices to take first and second position respectively. The lettuce and syrup in Tesco's £53.81 basket were more expensive than the offerings at Asda and Morrisons, but £3.99 for Hardys Stamp Shiraz wine was too cheap for Tesco's rivals to compete. Morrisons total of £54.67 was kept low by pricing the cheapest cherry tomatoes and fresh turkey steak at £1 less than other retailers. But Morrisons' decision to increase the price of its Hardys Stamp Shiraz by £1.30 this week has cost it the cheapest retailer award. Asda's slippery hold on the cheapest-retailer title in recent weeks and its £54.79 basket was enough to see it slide down to third position. Although it provided the cheapest lettuce, syrup and Lenor fabric conditioner, Tesco's prices were not far behind, and the £5.98 price point for Hardys Stamp Shiraz proved its undoing. Asda must be kicking itself that our list included the bagged lettuce this week, as it had lowered the price of its loose iceberg lettuce by 39p. Sainsbury's prices were equal to Tesco and Asda for a number of food products but the hefty £1.99 premium price on new potatoes bumped up its £56.61 total. It did, however, have the cheapest Fanta orange drink on the list, at 72p, more than half the price of its nearest rivals. Despite selling the John Smith's Extra Smooth beers for 70p more than Waitrose, Somerfield has swapped places again with its high-end rival to be this week's fifth-cheapest retailer. Somerfield also offered the Hardys Shiraz for 30p more than Waitrose - a price increase of £2.30 from last week. Waitrose can thank expensive own-label food items for its £63.52 basket - the priciest this week. Its pork chops were £1.06 more than Somerfield's and it lost the battle for the cheapest Kettle Chips to Somerfield, but only by a penny.