Christmas alcohol promotions seem to be coming to an end, with Asda increasing the price of its 20-24 can box of Stella Artois by 20% this week, alongside a 33% hike in the price of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay. Elsewhere the price of Hardys Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon rose by 45% at Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. Somerfield bucked the trend by reducing the price of Hardys 31%.

Prices in fresh produce continued to fluctuate as a result of seasonality issues.

White seedless grapes showed the biggest decrease of the week, with both Waitrose and Sainsbury's slashing the price by 33% and Morrisons reducing it

by 31%.

Meanwhile, the price of parsnips at Asda plummeted by 39p per kg, while Tesco raised its parsnip prices by 40p per kg.

Bread prices remained static this week, with not one increase despite warnings last week from milling giant ADM that prices would soar due to a hike in the price of flour.

At £43.92, Asda is once again the cheapest retailer after being held off the top spot for two weeks by Morrisons, which is third-cheapest this week. Sainsbury's offered the second-cheapest basket this week and is slashing prices across the board with eight price promotions running on products on our shopper's list.

Somerfield was the fifth-cheapest retailer, with Waitrose the most expensive at £55.54.

Asda continued to deliver on promotions, with our mystery shopper noting no fewer than seven product promotions on items on his list. Morrisons was just behind with six promotions, with Tesco offering our shopper five, reflecting the fact it was only the fourth-cheapest retailer on our list.

Waitrose offered four promotions on items on the list, including two for £3 on 4-packs of Andrex toilet roll, with Somerfield offering promotions on two own-label quiche lorraines for £3 and four-for-three on 4-packs of Andrex ­toilet roll.