It was five out of five for Asda this week as it undercut its nearest rival by just 67p to scoop this week's cheapest retailer award - with the help of some pork chops.

Despite increasing their price by £1.28 - the biggest hike of the week - Asda still boasted the cheapest chops, giving it the edge over second-placed Tesco.

Its £49.86 basket contained four other unbeatably priced items. The most significant was Sacla' pesto at £1.38 compared with the rest of the big four's £1.75. Asda joined Sainsbury's and Tesco in upping the price of its McCain Home Fries, but increased it by 16p compared to 40p hikes from its rivals.

Tesco's £51.53 basket contained 18 items price-matched to Asda's. Its Kellogg's Optivita and Kingsmill loaf were the cheapest, as was its cucumber. The retailer also lopped 89p off the price of its Parma ham, 21p off its fresh pasta by 21p and 17p off Wall's sausages.

Sainsbury's was close behind with a £51.69 total. It made some hefty price hikes, including 83p on Kellogg's Optivita and 31p on fresh penne pasta.

However, it managed to secure third place thanks to a significant price differential on its Carte Noir coffee. At £3.96 it was at least 93p cheaper than the competition's. Sainsbury's also had the cheapest avocado, having reduced it by 16p.

In last week's survey Morrisons was only 9p shy of matching Asda's winning total. But although it offered a handful of the cheapest items this week, it succumbed to a resurgent Tesco and Sainsbury's and ended up in fourth place.

Morrisons beat the competition on olive oil, pineapple and Yeo Valley yoghurts, and undercut Asda by 37p on its list-beating McCain fries.

However, it added £1 to its pork chops to make them the highest priced at £6.49. And, thanks to a 75p increase, its Parma ham was also the dearest.

The distance between fifth-place regular Waitrose and the fourth spot was wider this week. Waitrose had the cheapest Kleenex and Walkers crisps, but also had 18 of the priciest items on the list.