Even before announcing its new Match and More loyalty card on Thursday, Morrisons was more than a match for its big four rivals, squeezing past Asda to win this week’s Grocer 33.

In a basket featuring 13 promotions, including seven price-only ones, (more than any other retailer), Morrisons was particularly competitive on the Belvita biscuits (£1.21 cheaper than its nearest rival) and Pepsi Max (at least 85p cheaper) - two of six exclusively cheapest items in a basket totalling £75.53.

Asda wasn’t far behind, mind. Though it only offered two price-only promotions, Asda’s £76.16 basket included 10 exclusively cheapest items, with the Twiglets a full 80p cheaper than its nearest rival. Other items were more marginal, but as Tesco is wont to say, Every Little Helps.

Sainsbury’s this week promised to price match only against Asda. It claims it’s currently either matching Asda’s prices, or cheaper than Asda 50% of the time. Not in this week’s Grocer 33 it wasn’t. Sainsbury’s basket was the same or cheaper for only 11 of the 33 items, ie on 33% of products. And with a £6.22 difference Asda’s basket was 7.55% cheaper. Only on the Mini Cheddars and Centrum tablets was Sainsbury’s significantly cheaper than its rivals.

Tesco was even further behind: while offering nine multibuys, and paying out £3.90 in the form of a money-back coupon, with its £83.67 basket £8.14 more expensive than at Morrisons. At least Dave Lewis can console himself there was a good deal on Unilever’s Colman’s apple sauce and Persil tablets.

And Waitrose, £13.17 adrift, was exclusively most expensive for 10 of the 33 items, including a very toppy looking price on the After Eights and Colman’s apple sauce.