Claudi & Fin Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies: Strawberry


claudi and fin

Who: Claudi & Fin

What: Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies: Strawberry 

Where: Individual ice creams

How much: £2.50/4x55ml

Why: Claudi & Fin set out to make lollies with fewer calories than an apple, combining yoghurt with whole milk, fruit and vitamin D. It hoped to tap the growing consumer trend for healthier, more nutritious snacks - targeting the family market with its kid-friendly cartoon characters. This product is part of a range that includes mango and peach & apricot variants, all under 35 calories per lolly. It is an example of suppliers’ efforts to offer more ice cream products within the Childhood Obesity Plan’s recommendations.

Consumer verdict: The “cute” packaging attracted our consumers, with 60% claiming they would definitely or probably notice the lollies in a freezer cabinet. After tasting, most shoppers said the product met expectations, saying it tasted “like real strawberries” and was “lovely all round”. While a few anticipated a stronger flavour, more than 90% of our testers claimed they would buy - though it would be occasionally only due to the high price point.

Pre-trial purchase: 52% 

Post-trial purchase: 71% 

Better than what’s out there: 67% 

New and different: 72% 

Overall score: 45/50