Forest Feast Street Food - Koh Samui Thai Spice

forest feast street food

Who: Kestrel Foods

What: Street Food - Koh Samui Thai Spice

Where: Nut snacks

When: Launched September 2015

How much: Rsp: £2.00 for 150g

Why: Street food has been one of the major trends of eating out in recent years. Northern Ireland supplier Forest Feast aimed to take the concept and apply it to fruit and nut mixes in this range, which also includes Louisiana Hickory BBQ, Ir de Tapas and Kerala Cashew & Coconut Spice. This variant, originally created for British Airways, is a mix of honey red pepper almonds, Thai spiced cashews, pineapple and coconut pieces.

Consumer verdict: Our panellists were enticed by the “authentic”-looking packaging of this product, which they found both attractive and informative, but weren’t sure what to expect from the innovative but unusual contents. After testing, though, the mix achieved an above average score on every key measure, with very positive feedback for the combo of sweet and savoury flavours. Although most likely to be seen as an occasional purchase, almost two thirds considered the product “ideal for chilling out”.

Pre-trial purchase: 40%

Post-trial purchase: 64%

Better than what’s out there: 71%

New and different: 87%

Overall score: 45/50