Kellogg’s Special K - Protein Crunch

kelloggs special k protein

Who: Kellogg Company

What: Special K - Protein Crunch

Where: Cereals

When: Launched June 2015

How much: Rsp £3.50 for 390g

Why: Cereal brands are going big on protein NPD and reformulation, fighting each other hard to win the hearts and wallets of consumers. Special K Protein Crunch - flavoured with a ‘dash of honey and cinnamon’ - contains 5.1g protein from plant sources in each 30g serving, versus 2.7g in a bowl of original Special K. It faces stiff competition from Weetabix Protein and Fuel 10K’s Protibrick (which boasts 18g of protein per 100g).

Consumer verdict: The product generated a good level of pre-trial interest among our testers, although price was a deterrent. Served with milk, the cereal failed to impress many, particularly in the Midlands and South. A significant proportion of consumers agreed the product brought something to the breakfast cereal category as a healthier option, and they recognised the benefits of adding this type of food to their diets. But the product was largely seen as an occasional purchase due to the premium price.

Pre-trial purchase: 31%

Post-trial purchase: 35%

Better than what’s out there: 38%

New and different: 69%

Overall score: 35/50