ProViva is aiming to put some extra life into its probiotic fruit juice range with a new £1m marketing campaign. Breaking next month, consumer press adverts will go into a number of selected titles including OK Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home and Top Santé. Concentrating on the health benefits of the drinks, which are said to restore the digestive system's natural bacterial balance, the ads will carry the straplines Celebrate your culture' and Give pro-biotic culture the acclaim it deserves'. The company is hoping that new customers will be attracted by the message that the gut-friendly drinks, which come in strawberry and blackcurrant, can help with disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome by crowding out unhealthy bacteria. The company also claims they can be useful following a course of antibiotics by re-colonising' the gut with friendly bacteria. Rsp for the one-litre packs is £1.79. {{P&P }}