Quaker is giving consumers who don’t like porridge the opportunity to benefit from an oat breakfast with its first UK entry into the cold cereal category.
The company, which has been the driving force in the hot cereal market for more than 100 years, is diversifying with four cereals that can be eaten cold but which all contain the benefits of the so-called supergrain.
The range consists of Oat Granola, clusters of oat muesli with raisins; Oat Crunch, made from crunchy bites of oat cereal; Oat Crisps, with light, crispy oat cereal pieces, and Oat Hoops, small hoops of crunchy oats.
The launch will be supported by a £4m TV and media campaign, fronted by the children’s TV character Windy Miller, as part of a planned £11.4m spend for the Quaker brand over the next year.