As a pie connoisseur, I'm looking for flaky pastry, generous filling and viscous gravy. Sadly, each of these pies failed on at least one count.

The Asda pie's (two stars) pastry was good, but its scant meat was lost in watery gravy. Morrisons (two stars) at least delivered decent chunks of meat, but the flavour was unremarkable.

Again, the gravy was too thin, although not nearly as anaemic as the Sainsbury's sauce (one star), which flooded the pitiful meat content. Tesco's pie (three stars) also failed to tick the gravy box, although its generous meat and crisp pastry were to its credit.

Only Waitrose's pie (three stars) yielded a truly gelatinous paste - but, alas, it was let down by a seriously stodgy base.