Rajah is proving to UK vegetarians that there is more to Indian food than saag aloo or Bombay potatoes, with the launch of a range of authentic ready meals.
The spice and seasonings brand is making its debut in ready meals to spice up the ethnic category and offer vegetarians more variation. The dishes - Aloo Matar (potatoes and peas), Tadka Dal (lentils with Indian spices), Pav Bhaji
(mixed vegetables), Dal Makhani (lentils cooked in butter) and Punjabi Choley (chickpeas) - offer a refreshing change to products on the market, the company said.
Lynda McAinsh, marketing executive at Rajah, said: “The Rajah brand is evolving and adapting to consumer trends with the release of this new product. Good quality, fresh ingredients have been used so that consumers can experience the convenience of the meals without compromising on flavour and quality.”
The dishes come in 300g ambient pouches that can be microwaved in two minutes (rsp: £1.75) and will be supported by advertising on Asian TV channels.