This festive season, Morrisons is planning a warming spread with plenty of classic, autumnal flavours alongside some more unconventional, conversation-starting products for Christmas gatherings. Here’s our pick of the range.

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Morrisons morrisonsveganpigsinblankets

Vegan Pigs in Blankets

Made with jackfruit and chickpea, these vegan sausages are wrapped in “streaky pastry” instead of bacon.

Morrisons The Best Duck Waffles

The Best Duck Waffles

Popularised by London restaurant Duck & Waffle, Morrisons is bringing the mini version of this combination to its Christmas party food range. The savoury waffles are topped with shredded duck and sweet hoisin sauce. 

Morrisons Katsu Croquettes

Katsu Croquettes 

Another vegan addition to the Morrisons Christmas spread, these croquettes are filled with sweet potato, carrot and red pepper in a katsu curry sauce. 

Morrisons the_best_clementine_prosecco_fizz_jelly_shots

The Best Clementine & Prosecco Fizz Jelly Shots 

Passing out multicoloured jelly shots might be a classic student activity but Morrisons is hoping to bring a bit of class to the occasion with some high-end Christmas flavours. These golden shots are made with prosecco, clementine juice, whole fruit slices and glitter. 

Morrisons Christmas Tree Crisps

Christmas Tree Crisps

Made with spinach to achieve the green colour, these salted tortilla chips are flavoured with a hint of pine. 

Morrisons The Best Woodland Cake

The Best Woodland Cake 

Topped with a Belgian chocolate woodland scene, this hand-made chocolate sponge has layers of maple syrup sauce and chocolate ganache frosting. 

Morrisons the_best_vegetable_layered_tart

The Best Vegetable Layered Tart

This autumnal creation is loaded with spiced beetroot, butternut squash, spinach, cranberry and onion chutney and topped with roasted chestnuts. Available in the frozen aisle, the tart is parcelled up in dairy-free puff pastry, making it vegan. 

Morrisons morrisonsthebestpanettonecrumbpudding

The Best Panettone Crumb Pudding 

Combining two Christmas classics, this pudding combines fresh panettone crumbs for a lighter, more flavoursome bite. The pudding is packed with amaretto-soaked vine fruits, candied cherries and a hidden dark cherry sauce centre, topped off with bronze glitter. 


OwnLabel19_Logo__Great Food

The Grocer Own-Label Accreditation Scheme

How do you know if the own brand product you’re buying is as good as the big brand version? By looking for our Great Food and Great Drink labels, of course. Supermarket products with these on let you know that they have been tried, tested and loved by an independent panel, which is made up of hundreds of shoppers from across the UK.

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