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Love was in the air at Co-op, which promoted its premium-tier Irresistible range and Member Prices in a Valentine’s Day meal deal.

Supermarket dine-in deals for a budget Valentine’s Day 2024

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The Londis symbol group has relaunched and added the high street box store concept, courtesy of independent retailer Sugeshan Jegasothy.

The 1,530 sq ft outlet in Wiltshire sports a new-look fascia and updated internal graphics and category signage.

It also features a bakery zone, and is the first store to feature The Cooler, a beer cave with illuminated branding, and Treat Stop, a food-to-go concept with updated meal deal PoS.

Booker launches new-look Londis concept store



Marks & Spencer


M&S is looking ahead to spring and summer. It’s tapping Brits’ love of cute pets (and fearsome dinosaurs) with a charming Easter chocolate lineup.

And it’s restarted its promotion on deli lines, while also adding Vadasz Hot & Sweet Jalapeño Relish, a champion at last year’s The Grocer New Products & Packaging Awards.

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Poundland unveiled its ‘Price Pounders’ push in late January, to highlight savings on big brands including Coca-Cola, Heinz, Fairy and Jacob’s.

Vivid red signage is now appearing throughout stores across food, drink, personal care and household.




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Arguably, frozen food has never been more fashionable – thanks first to Covid lockdowns and then the high cost of living. So, it makes sense Sainsbury’s is going all in with eye-catching Nectar Price freezers. The retailer started introducing them following the most recent extension of Nectar Prices, to include branded and own-label frozen products. They hold a rotating selection of products included under the pricing initiative.

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Electric cars are on-trend too, of course. Hence Smart Charge, Sainsbury’s new electric charging business. It will roll out to 100 stores by the end of this year. 

Finally for this month, Sainsbury’s is working to slake shoppers’ thirst. It’s partnered with AB InBev to launch branded beer chillers in the takeaway and chilled aisles of stores. Currently sporting Corona branding, the fridges offer regular and non-alcoholic lines from the brewer. 

Sainsbury’s launches branded Corona fridges to capitalise on big night in



This year marks Cadbury’s 200th birthday. To celebrate, the chocolate giant has rolled out branded bays like this well-stocked cracker in Tesco.