What's new overseas?

Rémy Cointreau has launched a fruit-based alternative to its classic cognac aimed at young women.

Rémy Red has already proved a hit in the US, according to marketer and distributor Maxxxium. The company plans to introduce the product to the on and off-trade in the next month at an rsp of £11.99.
The overwhelming majority of toothpastes are mint flavoured. The few exceptions are children’s products in sweet flavours such as bubblegum or strawberry, but even in this segment mild mint is common.

However, Margaret Josefine in Japan is planning to change this with a new product, appropriately named Breath Palette.

The newcomer comprises a selection of toothpastes in individual 25g tubes, presented in a carton with a windowed lid and numbers on the tubes, like a palette of paints - but the artistry here is in flavours, not colours.

The selection pack of seven flavours offers one for each day of the week, including Grapefruit, Pumpkin Pudding, Cola, Amajio, Tropical Pineapple, Freshness Yogurt, and the ubiquitous Peppermint variety. A larger pack is also available, containing 31 different flavours (one for each day of the month). The packs carry the motto “a flavour for everyday”, but these might be seen as more of an occasional treat because, at about US $12 for a 175g pack, this is very much a premium-priced line.

The products are claimed to use only natural herbal extracts and are hypoallergenic. Additionally, the little 25g tubes are portable, separate from the main pack, to encourage trial of all the flavour options in or out of the home.

It remains to be seen whether consumers take to some of the more exotic flavours in the range, which include Indian Curry and Monkey Banana.