The UK confectionery market is worth £4.08bn, but is flat at 0.2% growth. Although ?45 million British individuals have bought confectionery in the latest year this has fallen by 0.8% (372,256 individuals).

On average, shoppers are spending £90.54 ?a year each, a slight increase from the previous year.

Moulded is the fastest-growing chocolate category showing 9.0% growth.

Cadbury remains the leader ?thanks to the continuing success of Dairy Milk a?s well as range extensions, such as its Creme Egg Bar.

However, the true effect of the salmonella scare has yet to be measured. Galaxy has also shown impressive growth over the past 12 months, largely because of the launch of the Promises range.

Although countlines is experiencing decline at 8.6%, the manufacturers are fighting back. Nestlé Rowntree successfully launched Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter and Mars ran a strong Believe campaign throughout the World Cup that provided an uplift to sales.

An extended Easter period helped to grow the seasonal confectionery sector, with Cadbury Creme

Egg experiencing strong growth. More premium-style eggs remained popular throughout Easter and helped drive growth.

The sugar fruits sector is experiencing growth at 12%, with Haribo being a key driver.

This is due to the continuing success of the Haribo Starmix brand, but own label is also performing strongly within this category.

Increasing indulgence and trends towards premium products are helping to sustain overall growth. For example, Green & Black's continues to drive sales in both the organic and premium categories.

Anna Cobb , TNS Worldpanel

Please note: TNS Worldpanel Combined measures both take-home and non take-home purchasing of snacking markets via its Worldpanel and Impulse Food On the

Go panels.